Hire a Hardwood Flooring Installer that’s Professional

With a lot of do-it-yourself information and websites on the rise, it’s certainly very tempting to try it on a major home improvement project yourself. While some flooring types are okay for DIY homeowners to take over, hardwood floors can be a whole lot trickier. In this article, you will be able to learn why it is best to hire the service of a professional hardwood flooring company than do this home project yourself or by an inexperienced professional.

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1. You might be Overestimating the Cost Saving

By doing it yourself and foregoing the pro when it comes to hardwood flooring installation doesn’t necessarily save you too much money – in fact, you may be overestimating it. However, taking a closer look at other details reveal that you may not even saving as much as you basically think you are. A professional hardwood flooring service provider carries all the necessary tools and equipment so they can perform the job in a fast and accurate manner. Unlike you are a former hardwood flooring installer yourself, you can definitely plan on buying a hefty list of materials and tools for hardwood installation project such as nail gun, rubber mallet, as well as miter saw, which you will possibly never use again. While these tools are necessary in order to make the project go smoothly, they can be extremely expensive for a one time use.

In addition to that, you can count on needing between five and ten percent more wasted material than an experienced hardwood flooring installation service provider would require. Waste simply means having an extra set of materials on hand for any unavoidable mistakes you might make, not to mention for tricky cuts that will not let you use the whole hardwood board.

Lastly, always bear in mind that time is money. Professional hardwood installers like the ones from www.myhardwoodflooringlongisland.com maybe working on your project in just a day or two, and even less than that if the project is not big enough. You can simply count on it possibly taking a lot longer compared to that, as well as factor in your time’s cost.

2. Consider Your Layout

You should remember that installing the hardwood flooring is actually only a part of what professional hardwood installers would do. Experienced and skilled hardwood installers take a look at stuffs like the running direction of beams as well as your subfloor. They will also take a look at your room’s layout, find the focal points in the room, as well as create a well-balanced flooring layout that does not involve tiny cut pieces placed into corners – or worse, at the center of your room.

Simply put, when you hire a professional hardwood installation company, you are not just hiring a flooring installer to install your floor, but, you are also paying that person/s to make sure that the flooring looks awesome when he or they are done. Particularly, this is very crucial should you decide to have a different flooring layout, such as a diagonally laid floor or a herringbone pattern.

3. What Your Subflooring Looks Like

Unless your project is for a brand new construction house, you may not have enough idea of what is the appearance of your subfloor. You may also have a subfloor which is covered currently in multiple layers of other materials. Professional hardwood installation service providers actually do more than just planning and installing your new hardwood floor. As a matter of fact, they take out your current old floor, examine the condition of your subflooring, as well as install some underlayment whenever necessary.

This is even more important if you need to have your hardwood floor installed over something else, such as an old asbestos or concrete floor. A highly trained, experienced and professional hardwood installation company can accurately take a look at what is already there as well as recommend with you the right flooring product for the project, and the right method of installation to be used. Certainly, you would not want to drive nails through the asbestos floor tiles, or install hardwood floors directly on top of concrete floor without using a moisture barrier. Fortunately, profession hardwood installation service providers are highly trained and skilled to look for these certain types of details, and all of which can make you save money and time down the road. Having read all the benefits that professional hardwood flooring installers can give, it is best that you hire a professional service for this kind of project than doing it yourself to avoid costly repairs in the future.